Storm’s Over!

Hello to you all!

Now that the storm has passed (literally, in this case…) I wanted to write a post to say how sorry we were that we couldn’t play our set at Festival No. 6 on Saturday.

We’d been gearing up to it for months and had hoped to cap off a fantastic festival season with all you lovely people in such an amazing location. However – it seemed that Neptune and Poseidon had other plans. The winds and rain had already closed off much of the Woods area, shifted 40ft high towers of scaffolding at the main stage and strewn many a tent into nearby fences and ditches. Grrr!

So with safety a priority, and rightly so, we found out that our stage had to be closed while trying to get our equipment down to the Estuary.

So we send love and apology to all who braved the weather with the hope of a soggy boogie and a blustery funk, we were all really disappointed that we couldn’t play for you.
Plus, a big thank you to all artist liaison staff and wardens that did their best to get as much of us and as much of our equipment as close to the stage as possible… your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

We’ll next be out on tour in December (in rooms with walls, and ceilings and floors no less!) so please come join us for those!

Thursday 1st December – Sticky Mikes, Brighton
Friday 2nd December – Start The Bus, Bristol
Saturday 3rd December – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Sunday 4th December – Mono, Glasgow
Thursday 8th December – Kamio, London

Live tickets!

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