We’re on tour in just over a week!

Following a bunch of UK festival dates over the summer, we’re about to head off on our first UK headline tour.
Come see us play live!
Thursday 1st December – ‘Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar’, Brighton
Friday 2nd December – ‘Hy Brasil Music Club’ (formerly ‘Start The Bus’)
Saturday 3rd December – ‘Soup Kitchen’, Manchester
Sunday 4th December – ‘Mono’, Glasgow
Thursday 8th December – ‘Electrowerkz’, London

We’re being supported by Raf Rundell (AKA Selfie Boy) for all the UK dates.

For ticket links, head over to our LIVE page.

Suivez-Moi – Video

Album Teaser – Hanging Moon

Oh lunar goddess – what mysteries you bring, what stories you can tell. Constant yet fleeting, serene yet powerful… Won’t you stay just a little longer?

Buy from these outlets:

Pre-order digital – http://hyperurl.co/BlackPeachesGDYDR
Pre-order limited edition peach vinyl (it’s sexy) – http://goo.gl/CwWgN3
Pre-order CD – http://goo.gl/3SBeSU

Chops on Tchoupitoulas – album teaser

So, we’re fans of the big tracks – those long, 3-in-1 songs that take up half a side of a vinyl record. But just as savouring the complexities of fine wine is one of life’s great pleasures, a straight shot of rum does the job, right?

Our album features a few ‘audio palette cleansers’ of which ‘Chops on Tchoupitoulas’ is one. Here’s just a tiny sip…

Pre-order digital – http://hyperurl.co/BlackPeachesGDYDR
Pre-order limited edition peach vinyl (it’s sexy) – http://goo.gl/CwWgN3
Pre-order CD – http://goo.gl/3SBeSU

Light the touch paper and stand well back!

It’s nearly here, our debut album will be released through 1965 Records on Friday 4th March. Available on CD, LP (on peach coloured vinyl) and download.
Here’s a taster of “Fire & A Water Sign”, featuring a guitar tone so filthy and corrosive the carpet come away from the studio floor.


Pre-order digital – http://hyperurl.co/BlackPeachesGDYDR
Pre-order limited edition peach vinyl (it’s sexy) – http://goo.gl/CwWgN3
Pre-order CD – http://goo.gl/3SBeSU

Album Teaser – Double Top

Our debut album “Get Down You Dirty Rascals” is available from Friday 4th March.

Here’s a taster for the opening track “Double Top”.


Pre-order digital – http://hyperurl.co/BlackPeachesGDYDR
Pre-order limited edition peach vinyl (it’s sexy) – http://goo.gl/CwWgN3
Pre-order CD – http://goo.gl/3SBeSU

Raise High The Roofbeams, Carpenters – Live for Red Bull

If you get high enough you might burn your fingers on those lightbulbs. Or at least get dust on your fingertips from the roof beams of the barn.

We never thought of getting high, only getting down…


Fire & A Water Sign – Live for Red Bull

We were invited over to the Red Bull academy to play some of our music for them, and they filmed us doing so. On a cold January morning in London, we hoped to bring a little tropical warmth. x